[YB] ‘Sad But True’ 메이킹 필름 (The Metallica Blacklist)

[YB] Sad But True
(Full version Making Film from The Metallica Blacklist)
*YB – ‘Sad But True’ Credits

Vocals by Dohyun Yoon
Bass by Taehee Park
Drums by Jinwon Kim
Guitars by Joon Heo, Scott Hellowell
Arranged by YB, Jinkyu Kim
Arranged for Brass by Hyoseok Jang
Saxophone by Hyoseok Jang
French Horn by Seungyong Son
Trombone by Jaemoon Choi
Tenor saxophone by Hyunwoo Joo
Trumpet, Flugelhorn by Junekyu Park
Tuba, Basstrombone by Youngchan Seo
Arranged by YB and Jinkyu Kim
Brass arrangement by Hyoseok Jang
Brass Recording Engineer: Wooje Choi
Mixed by Junsung Jo at W Sound
Assistant Mix Engineer: Jayoen Choi at W Sound
Recorded by Daesung Kim, Hajeong Yang, Sangchul Lee at TONE Studio
Recorded at TONE Studio
Video by Nerdy
Management : #Deecompany
YB appears courtesy of Universal Music
YB’s portion will be donated to Green Korea